Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an app for walkers too?

Absolutely! The app although is primarily meant to help people get to running as a habit, there is nothing that stops you using it for walking too. Some tracks would be at an easy pace that one might find comfortable. Please choose the 'Beginner' level tracks which are the closest it can get to walking speeds.

Are the audio tracks/simulation going to be safe to run on roads and/or anywhere?

Most certainly! We have made our TELOs (Audio Tracks are called TELOs) in such a manner that they DO NOT MAKE YOU SWAY from your original vertical position. We DO NOT make you change direction, any modulation would only happen in the forward running position.

What happens when I finish all tracks?

Our endeavour is to bring you fresh tracks almost every month. That said, it totally depends on you, the runner, how many tracks you run with and could potentially exhaust them all at least once before we could add more. However, since we have multiple difficulty levels, you could potentially try either faster/tougher and/or slower/easier paced TELOs for yourself. Also, while all tracks are currently free, we are soon going to be introducing some premium content which would make the experience 10X more interesting if not more. We are planning to launch storyline based tracks where you'd get to experience 20% of the journey for free and the remaining 80% would be unlocked when you subscribe to the premium of the app. This would ideally include all other premium content, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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