About us

The world is full of runners! We truly believe that. It is about getting themselves to believe in it too. With the technology we have built so far, are currently building and will build in the near future we truly believe this dream of everyone being a runner can be achieved through steady progress towards making a really cool product that is super useful too.

Meet the Team

Sidharth Vijayan is the founder of TELO. He is an enthusiastic runner and has covered over 8000+ kms so far! He first launched the voice-first social networking app 'theVOIZapp' and has headed the digital products sector over 15 years. Sidharth raised over $350k, growing theVOIZapp to over 150k active users with 38k MAUs and 7.2 DAUs at its peak!

Ravichandran Krishnan is the co-founder of TELO. He has been building apps since the age of 16 years and is a React Native genius when it comes to Android and iOS apps. He has been a director and film production enthusiast in the past and written some movies and stories himself! He has also built an ed-tech product focussing on balanced screen to class education.

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