A running buddy,coach,genie in your pocket

TELO is an app that puts you in short audio scenarios, where you are compelled to run in order to escape, survive or win, thereby making a boring experience, fun and engaging!

Running can be fun, Everyday!

Run Tracking

Advanced sensing algorithms automatically track and record your daily progress.

Boost Productivity

Compete with yourself and improve your running capabilities every day.

Optimize Time

Manage time by choosing a 2 min run today, a 30 min run tomorrow and maintain a schedule of your runs daily

Engage Teammates

Share with friends using the TELO and run healthy competitions*. (Coming soon)

Monitor progress with Real-Time Data

Use the real-time data from the profile dashboard to monitor your progress, challenge yourself, and complete your fitness goals*.(Coming soon)

Fitness with Fun-Live Running Stats

Experience fitness with fun. TELO gives live stats steps wise to provide you clean data of your running with audio stats shareable with the app's teammates and outside.

Data Security-Never Compromised

Your privacy is important to us. All your personal data is safe and secure and is never shared with any third-parties.

Inside our app

Running has been part of our upbringing. Turning that into our passion and then our business is the greatest gift ever. Take a peek into our app here

Our Team

Sidharth Vijayan



Ravichandran Krishnan



Customers loving it

See what our users and/or subscribers have to say about our app/idea!

Love the idea, app seems super fun! Love that you get different genres and that the app actually tracks your runs. The audio sample was a great move to showcase the experience.

Daniel Fernandez

Founder, virexam.com

If there's anything that can make me run its definitely chasing a bus or running from an angry dog. looking forward to using TELO

Mandip Singh

CEO, Heyoo

Quite innovative, keeps you hooked and motivated to achieve your running goals. Unlike other fitness and running tracking apps which keeps feeding you the data, this one goes above and beyond. It actually talks to you and keeps you motivated by providing small goals at a time. I had an opportunity to experience the app and was impressed with the platform. Kudos to team TELO.

Dr Aarekh Shrestha

Senior Manager - Drug Safety Professional

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